Donate and help rebuild lives

This Tuesday I’ll be taking the children home to witness the devastation of our home after the Tasmanian Bushfires that swept through Murdunna with a vengeance last week.

the devestation

The remains of our home in Murdunna after the devastation of the Tasmanian Bushfires last week.

After arriving in Hobart afew days ago (aboard Emily the yacht with David), via King George Sound – Murdunna (where the children caught a glimpse of Murdunna’s devastation), we have taken some timeout at Nana Bev’s recently rented home to recharge and let it all sink in.


David returns us to Hobart aboard the good yacht Emily. Roads being closed, this was our path out of the devastation.


Ella on the helm witnessing her first glimpse of the devastation that swept through Murdunna, as we approach King George Sound on our passage to Hobart.


The generosity of friends and strangers, community organisations and private businesses has been lifting our spirits, helping us to feel supported through this tumultuous time, giving us strength to face the massive journey ahead of us.

As I rested aboard the yacht afew days ago eating a piece of Christmas cake with David, the children were in a flurry at Nana’s discovering the gifts of clothing and toys that kind people had donated and delivered here to my mothers house – a taste of Christmas again, after the bitter taste of losing it all.


Books in the children’s bedroom still showed the print in legible format – it almost looked solid. As I reached to pick the book up it turned to ash in my hand.

When I say losing it all – we had just rebuilt our lives, starting from scratch after my relationship with Sage’s father ended in 2009. Many essential household items were slowly replaced over 4 years and the workshop of tools I require for the trade of making ‘Spoon Jewellery’, were gradually being accumulated. Renting privately, the home of our dear friend and neighbour Jet Black, we found ourselves at home feeling nurtured in a small community of beautiful and creative people (all who have been effected in one way or another through this natural disaster).

Before Christmas, I said to the children, “I finally feel like we’ve landed and have what we need – I feel at home here, I love this place and the people here and we are NOT moving again – not until it’s into our own home”. We were in a situation where we could enjoy a few spoils, new sporting equipment and bikes, a boombox for the ipad that Ella requires for her first year of high school this year, some icebreaker thermals – some good stuff.

We know we can do it, we’ve done it before – but we don’t want to do it alone this time and we need to make it happen soon, so we can get back to the focus of Ella’s first year of secondary education and rebuilding our community so Sage has a school to attend this year.

Personally, I find it difficult to ask for help – being the independent, capable and stoic person I am, I find myself charging forward, giving my all to make it happen. But this is big, and I do need your support.

Today I created a Paypal button. This allows anyone to make a donation of any amount directly to us, to assist in the rebuilding of our lives.

We are also open to hugs, kind words of support and physical items to get us started again.  The children and I will be working on wishlist’s over the next few weeks if you are keen to assist in this department.

By providing financial assistance we are empowered to step forward and start again, how we need to,  reducing the overwhelming enormity of this road ahead.

The road home

With Gratitude and Love,



5 thoughts on “Donate and help rebuild lives

  1. Hi Ange,
    Gosh it certainly has been huge, I just returned from Sedona and arrived to witness such a devastating site. So many mixed feeling from shock, numbness and sadness for all the many, many people that have had there lives turned upside down.
    This has been one of the biggest events in our peninsula lives, and you and your family have become such a welcome addition to this community.
    You have my love and support in anything that you may need, the workshop here has been set up with basic kitchen items and spare beds that you are most welcome to have.
    Please feel free to come up anytime and stay as long as you wish.
    Lots and lots of love and hugs to you all.

  2. We’re so sorry for your enormous loss Ange, if you have a chance at some point to stop in at the museum, my Dad has left an envelope for you there. John & I struggle with cash flow but wine does flow freely with us and I’m sure you’ll need some to relax after each day of putting it all back together. John & I have headed to Kingston together to pick up our little Joey who has remained safely stashed with his Nan. We return to work at the museum Thurs 9-3, Sat & Sun 9-5. Hope to see you for a big hug soon. Love Bek

  3. I would love to help you and your anyway I can.unf I am you with donating money.i do live on a DSP.but I ve got a fantastic anglicare(don’t worry they don’t talk religion)case worker.she lives near Nubeena.but she was one of the lucky ones. I reckon I will catch up with her next week.I shall ask .about any help they might provide.also would be great if you could let me know exactly what you need,like I said ,I unf.cant help with money ,but I know peoples who might be able to give you things .also my ex partner works for city mission.dont feel’bad’about asking for help,we need Peoples like you in TAS.i am from Switzerland,but been here for almost 20 yeahrs,and without the help of my dear tas.friends,after dif .times.i don’t know what would have happened.

  4. So glad this page was set up, wanted to help but didn’t know how. Thank you.
    Good wishes and blessing for the future to Angela and her family. Judy.

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