Angela’s kitchen wishlist

Home is where the heart is, and there was much heart in our home.

the devestation

Living in the bush, we rely on our capabilities to create and nurture the things and experiences we love.

No take out shop up the road (ok, the fresh oysters at the Murdunna store and the odd round of fish and chips are pretty good – but not a staple diet), daily meals are prepared from fresh ingredients, often from the backyard garden or other such garden surrounding us.  The kitchen becomes the heart of the house and the surrounding property becomes the focus of a daily routine as it’s maintained and utilised for our existence in Murdunna.  Sure we visit the big smoke and stock up at the shop too – when we have to 🙂

When not whipping up a meal or running the house, I dash to the workshop to play with the tools and make afew spoon rings, or if the mood permits, delve into something a little more creative with the cutlery.  I’m a home based designer/artisan working with spoons to make jewellery.

I blog and maintain social media and websites for my design work.  Recently I’ve been exploring the medium of emedia, I’m excited by film and sound and would love to get back to uni and complete my bachelor degree one day soon.

I am a single parent, raising two fabulous children –  Ella and Sage.

Our world is beautifully simple and uncomplicated.  We listen to the radio,  and watch the odd dvd.  We love to paddle and play upon the coastlines that surround us.  We observe the nature that exists here, caring for it.

Sage loves lego as most little boys do, he’s been exploring the wide world of soccer (he received a set of fold out soccer goals and a soccer ball from santa this year), hockey, cycling and fishing lately.  Rocks, minerals and crystals ar interesting to Sage too.  Sage loves to read.  He’s 7 years old.

Ella is a bit arty farty, no wonder – surrounded by all of the beautiful creative people in our community.  She draws, writes, paints and just completed making her first piece of furniture with Gay Hawkes (a creative entity in her own right) at her boatshed in Dunalley.  Ella received the art award of excellence from Dunalley Primary School in 2012, her final year of primary (kindly donated by those fabulous folks at the Potter’s Croft Dunalley).  Ella is an amazing athlete; cross-country, track and field, hockey, netball and swimming have been her focus in 2012 – she has achieved tremendously in all of these areas.  Lately we’ve taken to playing tennis with Nana Bev at the local court at Dunalley (bit ordinary, but it does the job). Ella received a pair of cross trainers and a tennis racquet from santa this year.  Ella starts school at Mt Carmel College next year, a big committment for myself as a single parent working part-time to maintain (private education) – but she shows such promise and I want to give her every opportunity possible to shine.

This is a little insight into who we are and what we are about.

Our home was devastated by the bushfires in Tasmania last week – everything that made this life of ours happen is gone.  The boatshed and home that belonged to Gay the furniture designer, the home and studios of those generous folks from the Potters Croft, our wonderful Dunalley Primary School. . .  all gone too.

We’re not sure about everyone else, but we didn’t have contents insurance – a risk yes, but unfortunately the odds of this natural disaster were not on our side.

At this point we are starting again.  We hold in our heart and minds that from each adversity comes an equal or greater benefit.

A friend suggested we make a wishlist – put it our there – people want to help.

So here it is people -please help us to shine and rise up from the ashes.

If there is something you’d like to help us with – please type your name and the item description in the comments section at the bottom of the page here and pledge your help.  If you’d like to assist with cash or remain anonymos please email me directly at

xo Love,

Ange and the kids

Angela’s Kitchen Wishlist

I love to cook.

My retro seaside bush kitchen is ash.

The kitchen is the heart of my home.

This is what I’ll miss from my kitchen.

· Japanese carbon steel chopping knives and those fabulous little Victorinox knives

· the American diamond steel knife sharpener

· Mouli grater & sieve

· Stainless riveted copper plated pots and pan.

· Cast iron frypans

· The years of recipes collected from aunties passed, friends and family – please send your


· That sunbeam espresso coffee machine that mum gave me for my birthday this year

· A stainless 4 – 6 cup stovetop expresso jug – all stainless with no plastic, so I could take it camping making coffee fireside too.

· Stephanie Alexander’s – the cooks companion

· And the fabulous new Maggie Beer cook book that Jet and Rachel gifted me for Christmas xo

· Retro apron collection

· Fowlers jar collection – and the pickles and preserves that were in them 😉

· A fabulous Tassie timber chopping board and cheese board

· Fine china tea cups – the only way to drink tea

· Handmade teapots

· Plain white Corelle bowls and plates

· All of the orange things – although I’m considering changing my palate to green. . . feedback please??

· The herb and spice collection

· That beautiful old wooden table that also sufficed as a giant chopping board

· A good old kenwood chef or equivalent

.  Stainless whisks and utensils – don’t like plastic utensils

· The Tupperware – the retro Tupperware set – in orange

· Beautiful old baking dishes – don’t like Teflon L – do like cast iron, stainless, steel, glass, ceramic

· A Romertopf baking dish

· Stainless sieves and strainers

· Glasses for the vino and other glasses

· That fabulous old retro table and chair setting with the orange seats.

· A totally stainless stovetop kettle

· And/or an electric one – without inner plastic components

· Something that makes toast.

· A fridge/freezer

· A tuckerbox/deep freezer

· A medium eski

That would be somewhere to start. . . making food from the heart for the people we love and the new friends who find themselves at Duck Creek, Murdunna.

It almost sounds like our kitchen again.

another wishlist coming soon. . .  xo


54 thoughts on “Angela’s kitchen wishlist

    • I hope you can slowly rebuild your home Ange…so sorry to hear about what happen….but you have your beautiful healthy children!! Im sure your community will gather together and find the love and material things you need. I moved to Victoria with a mattress and a few cloths..i was amazed how country people gave what i needed when i told them my story. I soon built a small haven with very little money…I wish i could send you all i have gathered,,as im going to India and will give all back to charity before i leave..Love Lornie.xx

      • Thanks Lornie,

        Your warm wishes and strong words of support give us strength.

        All the best on your journey Lady – take care of yourself and give yourself the love you deserve.



    • You know I love a retro dining experience 🙂 gratefully accepted friends. Thankyou 🙂 Will go perfectly with Andrea’s expresso coffee machine gift xoxoxo

  1. I live at Maleny Queensland and would like gift you $50 please let me know the best way. Internet transfer maybe?
    Rich bojack.

    • Hi Rich,

      Thankyou for your generosity.

      My Account details are as follows.

      Angela Lowe

      Please include your name or business name as a reference if possible. I’d like to acknowledge those who have assisted us when we land on our feet.

      Warm Regards,


    • Dear Richard,

      Apologies for the delayed response – it’s been a huge fortnight.

      I thank you for your generosity, it provides myself and my family not only with the means to rebuild, but with the support and strength to make it happen.

      My direct account details are:
      Angela Lowe – Bendigo Bank
      633000 – 141632091

      Please provide your name as a reference – I’d like to offer my thanks when we are back on our feet.

      I have also created a Paypal ‘donate’button if that is easier for you.

      With Love and Gratitude,


  2. Hey Ange. We can give you a few things…. macrocarpa cheese board and a MASSIVE, OLD fridge that was our family fridge (if you want one like this).

    • Sounds Fabulous! thankyou Helen xo

      We are storing goods at Mums place at Lindisfarne until we have steady accomodation again. If it is easier to keep the fridge there, let me know. xoxox

    • Thankyou Helen,

      You are a darling xo
      The board sounds fabulous.
      Would love to chat fridges and will give you a bell tomorrow.
      Hope the meeting went well.


  3. Hey ange & kids.

    Reading your blog really made things real for me. ive been so busy in damage control this week, that it really hadnt sunk in.

    Jax wants to pass on a big hello to sage. He is putting together some toys for him, and wants him to come for a sleepover or playdate soon!!

    a friend has made her place st saltwater river available to anyone who needs it. Its actually where u used to live many moons ago… I thought that whilst its not in the murdunna area, it would be somewhere familiar for the kids.

    Ive got a $50 habitat voucher here & some sauv blanc. Maybe you can get some wine glasses? Let me know how to get them to you.

    Anyway, if i can help in any way, please give me a call at the council 6250 9200.

    Stay strong gorgeous girl!!

    love mel, craig, zoe & jax xx

    • Thanks Mel,

      Sage had an awesome time with Jax at the aquatic centre. I’d gratefully accept any assistance at the moment – we have a way to go yet.

      Please keep in touch – my mobile number is 0417638447

      Will drop you a line when we have a roof over our heads and everything settles down a bit. Am looking at the Murdunna/Somers Bay area as this is where we hope to rebuild. Love to Anna – a beautiful offer (will keep ears to ground incase anyone else could benefit).


  4. Hi Angela, if either of your children have a special requested item please email helpingkids2013@ Many generous offers from near and far willing to make a child smile. So far game consoles, Lego, bikes plus much more. All you need to do is pop child’s age and gender in email and your contact details. Once match made I will forward donors details for you to make contact. Many interstate donors also wish to send a special gift via post.
    Kindest wishes to you and your children

    • Hi Sharon,

      Sorry it took a while to respond – it’s been a huge fortnight.

      I will chat with the children about your wonderful offer of support and get back to you ASAP.

      Warm Regards,


  5. I have found the spoon artisan, accidently; spied one on a workmate last week. I am currently building a tiny retirement home for myself and I mean tiny (less than 8 squares) at Chigwell. It won’t be ready until April or May though. I will be sorting through what I don’t need anymore. It will be coming your way. I will also be collecting some things for your home. I want to make both your children a quilt for their beds if that is okay. Now I am no perfectionist but I think I can pull this one off and make them something they will love. Once the road is open for everyone I would like to meet with you so we can look at colours etc. My name is Carolyn, I am a mum of two girls and nanny to four grandchildren.

    • A beautiful offer of support, Thankyou Carolyn xo. We are currently in limbo waiting to find a roof for our heads. When we have landed I will contact you again. My mobile number is 0417638447 and email is

      Warm Regards,


  6. Hi Ange – I’m looking forward to the expansion of your list, with details on what you would like for your children. I’m coming over from the mainland in a couple of weeks and would love to bring them something special. All the best, Robyn (

  7. Phew Ang – I am so glad to know that you, Sage and Ella are safe. I was worried sick when I drove past your home on my way out on Friday, so relieved to see this posting from you.
    Lots of love to you all from Mark, Anna, Jy and Jesse – and Jesse sends special biggest hugs to Sage.

  8. Wow I could feel the love and joy from your home through your words. We would love to be part of your journey to restock your beautiful home again so we will get you some cast iron cookware, food tastes so much more delicious when cooked in cast iron 😊 wishing you joy and happiness, Rachel

  9. Hi Ange,

    I am a vego, and could not live without my herb and spice collection. I store all my herbs and spices in small airtight jars – I find the ones that Masterfoods use for their sauces (e.g. tartare sauce) to be ideal. If that would also suit you, I will source some more of these little treasures, and include the herbs and spices fresh from Eumarrah for you and your family. I will also attempt to put labels on them. I am quite literate, but design and handwriting are not really my forte. I certainly would not be concerned if, after an appropriate time(!), you replaced the labels with your own, much better, designs!

    Let me know,

  10. Hey there mate… I hve seen the first hand and I’m devistated. What i would like to do is offer you a chest freezer I have at my disposal, also i have a decent size washing machine and various other bits and pieces.



  11. Hi there,

    I can only try to imagine loosing all those things do carefully collected with your little family over the years. Even with insurance such things are just irreplaceable. I noted your loss of Maggie Beer’s cook book. I have contacted them and they are going to chat with Maggie after she returns from her leave. They hope they can help in some way.

    Cheers, Janelle

  12. Message from Megan
    Hi my name is Megan Iemma and came across your post on the FB page. If you can find Shaz Scarlett she is putting together stuff for the kids affected..(contact her and tell her your wish list) and we will try and grant it
    to contact me

  13. Hi Angela – not sure if you are getting emails or seeing responses on here, but I’ve tried to get in touch with you … and will keep doing so. I have a few things for the kids – including a brand new bike for Sage – and a few things for you! Where shall I bring them to? I am coming over on the Aust Day w/end to bring supplies for the primary school. Thanks, Robyn (

  14. Hi Angie, I just went and tried to make a donation on your PayPal button, but it didn’t accept my credit card. In all the rush these past few days I must have let the “due date” slip by. Not to worry, though. I’m going up to Hobart tomorrow and will plead with the bank manager to not cancel my card as I need the credit so that my good friend has the proper tennis whites to wear on those Sunday morning tennis round robins.

  15. Dear Ange
    My heart aches for you and all of those who have lost their homes and beloved possessions in the fires of the past week. One feels rather helpless in the face of such loss and heartbreak … So from one lover of wine and all things retro to another please accept my small offering of assistance (which I will be depositing shortly into the above bank account) that I hope will go towards you purchasing some new wine glasses to cheers the future with and perhaps some cool old/new retro item for your new kitchen when it finds you. I am in awe of your strength, courage and initiative in the face of adversity…. and just love the pic at the top of the page!
    Sending love and light your way
    PS Do you have a mailing address as I also have a little something I would like to send you.

    • Emma,

      Thankyou for the kind sentiment and warm support.

      Our mailing address is:

      Angela Lowe
      c/o:Murdunna P.O
      Murdunna TAS 7178

      Love and Gratitude,


  16. Ange, I have a Sunbeam coffee machine and a grinder you can have. I’ve been wondering how I’d find a coffee lover and I stumbled on you here. Let me know how to get it to you. Xx

    • Phil,

      Thankyou 🙂 A marvellous offer for one who loves a fresh, strong coffee. Think I’ll need afew to get through the next few months 😉
      If post is convenient:
      Angela Lowe
      C/O: Murdunna P.O TAS 7178

      A drop off at the Murdunna Store – arthur hwy TAS

      or if you are close to Hobart, maybe we could meet?

      Warm Regards,


  17. Hi Ange, Ella and Sage. Hopefully I can help Ella out with some art and craft stuff. I have 36 watercolour Derwent pencils and 48 Micador soft pastels (unfortunately a couple have snapped in half) that I have had for ages but haven’t gotten around to using. Im sure Ella can make better use of them than I can besides I have my other craft things to keep me occupied. I don’t know if Ella is in to making jewellery but if she is I have heaps of beads etc I can give her.

    • Hi Natalie 🙂

      Thanks for your kind and generous support xo

      All of the wonderful things to help us rebuild could be sent to
      Angela Lowe
      C/O: Murdunna P.O TAS 7178

      Love & Gratitude,


  18. I have my mother’s Kenwood Chef, with original instructions and all the attachments. I don’t really cook myself so it sits in a box in the attic which is such a waste. But I kept it because it was hers, and it is a classic bit of design with that ‘K’ shaped beater. I really love it but I haven’t ever used it myself, so I would have to check that it works. I’ll let you know Monday hopefully once I test it as I am away from home at the moment. I am sure she would be happy for you to have it as our house was damaged but not destroyed by a bushfire some years ago and she would understand what you are going through. The hardships are difficult but they are temporary and you will recover. You sound pretty together and strong but of course it’s still difficult.

    • Jonathan,

      It would be loved and make amazing, delicious things. Interestingly, the reason I love these particular machines, is that I watched my own mother making/cooking with one as I grew up. Unfortunately the old Sunbeam blender that I possessed that Mum had purchased in 1969 (before my time) – Was lost in the fire too.

      Thanks also for your supportive words. Let me know how the test goes.

      Warm Regards,


  19. Dear Ange, You know I will help any way I can. “Old Yella” ute is at your disposal, I have a splendid kettle and a pair of fine tennis racquets as well as many other retro and functional objects. Not wanting to clutter your new-found uncluttered life – I will hang onto ’em till you need ’em. Anand xxx
    PS. I have a Margaret Fulton you can have 😉 oh… and CA$H…

    • Darryl,

      yes Please! 🙂

      Our rods were lost – we love to fish.
      Any items could be posted or delivered to the Murdunna Store.
      Angela Lowe
      C/O: Murdunna P.O. TAS 7178

      Thankyou thankyou!

    • I’ve got a new rod and reel. The rod is an ugly stik, combo, one of the best on the market. Will organise some lure, hooks, sinkers etc and send down. Will also put in something for your daughter. Hope things pick up for you and the children. Best wishes. Darryl

      • Thanks a million 🙂
        Didn’t even consider putting this on our wish list. Living next to the beach, fishing is a way of life down here – in fact Ella (my daughter) out fished us all afew weeks back when we were on the water, providing a flathead feast.
        Many thanks,
        Ange & the kids

  20. Ange, I cannot do much in the way of money but I can offer an opportunity for E to come and have some crafting fun, I have beads and papercraft stuff she (and the rest of you of course!) are welcome to use…paper punches, cutters etc. Perhaps she would like to make a journal to record her experiences, make cards or a scrapbook album? Am easy to find…I rent Stu’s place at Murdunna near shop. I would also like to contribute to your recipe collection too…what kind of food do you guys eat? Ph 62536056. Take care! ❤ Tammy

    • Love you Tammy,

      Ella would love to hang out xox Think she’ll be at Stuarts this Sunday after the Moscow Circus Experience (Do you guys know that there is a bus taking kids from our community on Behalf of Hobart Private? – Community house has the details)


      • Oh lovely! Will pop over in the afternoon and see Ella then. I know of the Circus trip but my little one is only 4 and it is for 7 and up :(. Never mind. Take care and look forward to catching up. Tam

      • Just had a lovely morning with Ella…you must be a proud Mumma, she was an absolute delight and I hope she comes back soon there are still plenty of projects we could do. I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did. 🙂

  21. Hi! Angela, doesn’t sound much but I’ll copy some recipes for you and send them down. I’m in situation I cant get stuff to Hobart, but will send further donations along the track. Can you email me an address or PO Box number, to send the recipes to.

    • Judy,

      Thankyou for your kind and generous support.
      Our postal address is still 48 Duck Creek Rd Murdunna TAS 7178
      (the fabulous folks at the Murdunna Store will get any parcels to us)

      We are currently working on putting a roof over our heads as we gather the items we’ll need to make our home again.
      We have found a lovely holiday shack at Somers Bay to get us started until our Fabulous friend and Landlord (Jet) rebuilds our home.

      Please subscribe to our blog and keep updated as we share our story.

      Love and Gratitude,


      • Sorry I’m so long Angela, will get them there soon, saw on Facebook you are getting some work under your belt, pleased to hear you have somewhere to live for a while.
        love Judy.

  22. Hi Ange – is your phone working ok? I’ve left a couple of messages. Just need to arrange a catch up on the weekend. Thanks, Robyn (

    • Gday Angela, sorry havn’t been in contact. I suffer a couple of chronic conditions and need to have down time, now and again. What age are your children and what type of fishing do they do. Do you know what type of fishing rods they had before the fire? Hope you all are well and doing ok.

      Cheerz Darryl

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