Containers and creativity

As a designer and maker, not only did  ‘home’ vanish in the fires, but also a studio/workshop, a livelihood and a lifetime of creative works and folios. We are still in limbo, between permanent homes, moving from short-term accommodation to house sits.  What is becoming a constant thread in the weft of our new life … Continue reading

every cloud has a silver lining

  especially the ones shared through a conversation Today I decided to write a letter.  There are many ‘things’ that need replacing in our burnt out world, some things can’t be replaced, generally it’s difficult to even consider what it is that needs replacing – the enormity of the collection of ones life. Yesterday I … Continue reading

Donate and help rebuild lives

Donate and help rebuild lives

This Tuesday I’ll be taking the children home to witness the devastation of our home after the Tasmanian Bushfires that swept through Murdunna with a vengeance last week. After arriving in Hobart afew days ago (aboard Emily the yacht with David), via King George Sound – Murdunna (where the children caught a glimpse of Murdunna’s devastation), we have … Continue reading

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm, Mr Batts, Mal,  M Batts, Malbat, The warm hearted Murdunna man who plucks amazing tunes from his collection of fabulous musical instruments, always has a smile and laugh to share, and we often find basking in the King George Sound view from his recently renovated veranda (which is thankfully still there)   Malcolm aka Mr Batts shared … Continue reading

Share the journey

As we rebuild our beautiful Community on the Forestier Peninsula. Hear the stories of individuals effected by the devastation of the Tasmanian bush fires. Engage, by assisting these individuals rebuild their lives and homes. Help Murdunna rise from the ashes – to soar beyond. . .   Continue reading